Australia Glass Recycling
July, 2022

According to scientists, it would take approximately one million years for glass to break down naturally in a landfill site, and less than 60% of glass gets recycled in Australia.

When glass is manufactured from recycled materials, the energy used is up to 75% less than the energy required to make glass from sand. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without losing quality or purity.

Furnace-ready glass fines and/or cullet can be re-melted and remanufactured into new glass containers, flat glass and glass foam. Likewise, container glass can be recycled and re-melted into new containers many times.

Non-furnace-ready glass fines and/or cullet can only be used once. They can be used for many purposes, for example, sandblasting, construction backfill, decorative and filtration applications.


Since March 2020, when the Australian state and territory governments implemented the export ban on unprocessed glass, the need for glass crushing systems has been evident to councils and small to medium-sized enterprises.

There is a range of machines available to reduce your glass to cullet, safe-handling glass or all the way down to sand.

Entry Level Crushers

    By crushing your glass waste to cullet with a small industrial glass crusher, you can reduce the number of glass collections per day or week that you require, therefore simply and efficiently saving time and money in waste disposal costs.

Entry Level Pulverisers

    Mini entry-level pulverisers are perfect for remote islands, campsites and mining communities where glass bottle waste needs to be economically disposed of. Producing an aggregate & sand mix, the outfeed material from such a unit can be placed back on the beach or used in other applications such as drainage aggregate or road base.

Advanced Pulverisers

    More advanced pulverisers are designed for high-volume waste processors, councils & glass recycling facilities. These systems will process up to 10T per hour of glass waste. Built for high wear resistance and heavy-duty operation volumes, they are a reliable & durable solution constructed to last the distance.

    A “Glass Pulverizer System” can turn all types of glass into sand and gravel with no sharp edges. It has the added bonuses of processing all kinds of glass, including windows and separating other contaminants, such as labels, bottle tops and corks, at the same time as it crushes, eliminating the need for pre-sorting.

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