Recycling Infrastructure Grants – SA

27th April, 2021

Recycling Infrastructure Grants

Recycling Infrastructure Grants are available to South Australian businesses and local governments that recover, handle and process recyclable materials with the opportunity to invest in equipment, technology and processes to respond to the prevailing market conditions.

How much money is available?

  • Applications for Recycling Infrastructure Grants from $50,000 to a maximum of $250,000 (excluding GST) per project are invited.
  • Up to $500,000 will be available for large-scale projects involving significant capital expenditure and of state significance. Applications are also invited for projects which benefit the local economy and/or three or more council areas. Councils seeking more than $250,000 are to demonstrate a financial commitment by at least three councils as evidenced through a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Who can apply?

South Australian businesses and local governments that recover, handle and process recyclable materials with the opportunity to invest in equipment, technology and processes to respond to the prevailing market conditions.

What will be funded?

Projects that:

  • Target fibre (paper, cardboard, newspaper etc), and/or plastics and/or glass recyclables or organics from municipal (wheelie bin-based) kerbside or commercial and industrial sources.
  • Improve source separation and processing performance through investment and subsequent installation of equipment and technology measures that reduce contamination and improve the quality and volume of kerbside and/or commercial and industrial recyclable materials, particularly fibre, plastics and glass.
  • Can demonstrate through market analysis that the recycled material will enter a beneficial remanufacture, secondary processing, or recycling market for local use (preferred) or that can be exported at a higher value.

Other projects which are eligible include:

  • Projects with the objective of Improving the recycling of materials banned from landfill under the Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy 2010
  • Target commercial and industrial or municipal solid waste streams.

What WON’T be funded?

Grant funds will not be available for:

  • Retrospective projects (infrastructure for which funding is matched by Green Industries SA must start after applications close).
  • Waste to energy proposals.
  • Construction and demolition waste sorting or processing.
  • Landfill (compliance, development, extension or closure).
  • Operational expenses, including fuel, electricity, maintenance, project monitoring, motor vehicles or trucks (specialised equipment for vehicles may be considered).
  • Advertising costs.
  • Education and training programs.
  • Salaries, studies, investigations or research and development activities.
  • Building purchase, lease or other general service provision, or projects with a primary focus on construction (without additional elements)
  • Land purchase or lease.
  • Machinery leasing – equipment must be purchased outright.

When does it close?

Grants close Friday 14 May, 5pm.

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