Recycling made easy with WastePac balers!

21st Sep, 2020

With the focus on recycling getting stronger every day, there is also the question “how can we make the process easier?” With a vast majority of product packaging consisting of cardboard, companies are investing in vertical and horizontal balers to replace the need for manual handling of cutting boxes up and stacking for waste collection to recycling facilities. Vertical balers can accept boxes whole and with the push of a button compacts them into a bale reducing the amount of collections needed with less volume of waste taking up storage space. High waste producing companies are choosing horizontal balers and customised systems to manage their waste on a broader scale, with the option of semi-automatic through to fully automatic baling systems making the process for their high volume waste management efficient and cost effective.

The possibilities are endless when you think of recycling waste and with a wide range of innovative equipment, Waste Initiatives are doing their bit for the future!

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