Recycling & Processing Plants

14th September, 2018

With the spotlight shining on the quality of processed recyclables, many MRF operators are finding they need to improve the purity of their output products to meet the demands of the market and latest government legislation – especially the China National Sword.

Waste Initiatives’ portfolio of advanced processing equipment including sorting, conveying, screening, shredding, baling and crushing technologies from reputable international manufacturers provide Australian recycling facilities with the means of maximising revenue streams and minimising waste to landfill.

From supply of individual components through to concept design and delivery of complete processing plants, Waste Initiatives provides expert guidance to optimise the benefit of installing advanced processing equipment.

Key equipment:

  • Feed hoppers
  • Primary shredders
  • Secondary shredders
  • Conveyors
  • Trommels
  • Ballistic Separators
  • Magnet Separators
  • Eddy Current Separators
  • Picking cabins
  • Optical Sorting
  • Balers
  • Glass Pulverisers

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