March, 2022

Current global market conditions have caused a massive surge in demand for container transport, affecting Australia’s waste industry and its import of equipment.

To put things into context, we’ve seen shipping costs increase by over 420% per container over recent months. A year and a half ago, a container filled with waste equipment cost around US$2,500 and now stretches over US$13,000. 

The second contributing factor to the increase in shipping costs is the global shortage of shipping containers.

With our government restrictions and lockdown of borders and seaports, shipping containers are stuck in different regions creating a shortage hence a premium amount being charged on the few available containers.

These rising costs will ultimately filter through to the end-user, and we can expect prices to inflate significantly. 

Another factor is that stock shortages, as seen throughout all sectors, including the waste industry, have been experienced due to shipping disruptions and slower production lines.

One of the ways to prepare is to order your waste equipment well in advance while stock is available, at a fair price.

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