Privacy Policy


While the operation of the Privacy Act does not apply to the Employer in regards to any acts which directly relate to:

  • the employment relationship between the Employer and the individual and
  • an employee record held by the Employer,

the Employer treats the handling of your personal information very seriously. Accordingly, the purpose of this policy is to ensure the protection of your privacy in relation to the handling of your personal information.


Personal information may be collected during the recruiting process and throughout your employment with the Employer. This personal information may be disclosed to other areas within the business for administrative purposes and for the progression of your application. All confidential information will be used for legitimate purposes in accordance with relevant legislation.

Personal information includes information relating to:

  • the engagement, training, disciplining or resignation of the employee
  • termination of the employment of the employee
  • terms and conditions of employment of the employee
  • employee’s personal and emergency contact details
  • employee’s performance or conduct
  • employee’s hours of employment
  • employee’s salary or wages
  • employee’s membership of a professional or trade association
  • employee’s trade union membership
  • employee’s recreation, long service, sick, personal, maternity, paternity or other leave and
  • employee’s taxation, banking or superannuation affairs.

All reasonable attempts will be made to keep this information relevant, complete and current. You must ensure that any personal information provided is accurate and current.


In light of the above objective, every employee is responsible for the appropriate handling of such information and to prevent unlawful disclosure.

If you have access to this information or any such personal information belonging to another employee or a client of the Employer, you must ensure that you maintain the confidence of any confidential information that you have access to, or become aware of, during the course of your employment and will prevent its unauthorised disclosure or use by any other person.

You will not use the confidential information for any purpose other than for the relevant and related Employer processes during or after your employment. Any action in breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action being taken.