Food Digesters

The latest in food waste processing technology, the aerobic ExBio Food Digesters Ex Series are an innovative solution, diverting your food scraps from landfill and converting it to a liquid form within 24 hours, for safe discharge as grey water.

These cutting-edge systems efficiently break down all organic food waste, converting plate scrapings, leftovers, meat, fish, bones, bread, dairy, and more into a convenient liquid form. Unlike anaerobic methods, our digesters use oxygen, select microorganisms, and warm water to process from as little as 25 kg to an impressive 10,000 kg of food waste daily (depending on the model), with minimal environmental impact.

The ExBio Food Digesters Ex Series range can manage food waste from residential, small to medium businesses, and larger commercial facilities to industrial-scale food processing plants. This solution not only provides an alternative for waste going to landfill but has significant financial benefits with payback mostly well under 12 months.

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