Mobile Shredders

The newest and most powerful Double Shaft Slow Speed Shredder in its class.
The HAAS TYRON shreds the most difficult of material. Convincing features include:
high performance capability, robustness, aggressive in feed, high quality & efficiency,
ease of maintenance and life longevity.

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    Mobile Shredders

    • Waste Initiatives is proud to announce its new mobile shredders to implement into your on-site waste management processes.

      Waste Initiatives provides some of the most comprehensive waste shredding equipment throughout Australia, ranging from the traditional stationary services, and now mobile shredders that can be moved to any location on your site to handle your recycling and e-waste destruction needs.

      Waste Initiatives currently has added the following mobile shredders into our line of waste management equipment:

      We sell the newest and most powerful Double Shaft Slow Speed Shredder in its class, which can be purchased for commercial hire or rented for a short-term placement. The HAAS TYRON shreds the most difficult of material. Convincing features include:

      • high performance capability

      • robustness, aggressive in feed, high quality & efficiency

      • ease of maintenance and life longevity

    • Our range of industrial mobile shredders offer a variety of low-speed and are high-torque, ideal for the size reduction, recycling and waste management of solid, bulky waste of nearly all materials. Our products have the high capacity to process the following including, mixed wood, recyclable plastics, textiles, metal scraps, paper/cardboard and more.

      Having built a solid reputation in the waste management industry, we are confident in managing and meeting your shredding needs. Looking to integrate an industry-grade waste management equipment is steadily growing in popularity for businesses to update their waste management systems, and move their operations forward.

    • How do mobile shredders work?

      Mobile shredding is a process whereby all of your waste material is properly reduced into a more manageable product by an industrial grade shredding machine which can be moved into your facility. As with a stationary, mobile shredders can be configured to efficiently process a wide range of materials, including: paper, cardboard, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metal and tyres.

      Our mobile shredders in either high or low speed, featuring perforated screen which governs the final shredded product size by not allowing product through until it has been shredded small enough by the rotating cutters against the static cutter.

      Our maneuverable shredders are easy-to-use for staff, efficient, reliable and a cost-effective waste management solution. Using purpose built mobile shredders means less effort installing stationary equipment, and easy integration into your facility, no matter how tight or finicky the space- no mess, no fuss, no time wasted setting up equipment.

    • The Waste initiatives team is here to ensure you obtain the waste solutions that best moves your business forward. Look to us for your range of custom designed solutions, including mobile shredders, recycling equipment and more.

      For any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out today.