Holding Australia’s widest range of waste compactors, Waste Initiatives is sure to have the compaction solution you need. Our waste compactors range in size from units that compact waste or rubbish in bags and wheelie bins right through to high-throughput waste transfer compactors.

Waste Compactors are an effective method of targeting high waste costs and reducing the number of bin empties required for high-volume waste generators. Our waste compactors range in size from units that compact in wheelie bins right through to large hook-lift compactors commonly used in shopping centres and manufacturing facilities.

Not only can these units save money, but they will also save space, time and improve the hygiene of your premises.

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Tight space? Tough material? High volume? Challenge us with your application and see why so many clients are putting their confidence in Waste Initiatives.

Stationary Compactors

  • SC1000

    The WastePac SC1000 is a compact high-performance static compactor. Designed for space and mobility, the overall size of the machine fits inside a standard car parking space, taking up little space onsite. With an optional feature of a castor wheel integrated base, allows for ease of transport and time saving with container changes.

  • SS2500 Short

    A small footprint compactor suited to processing of dry waste material in tight-footprint applications. Commonly used in docks where space is at a premium and is often configured to be fed over the rear.

  • SC2500

    The WastePac SC2500 Compactor is commonly used in industrial applications and is ideally suited for large retailers and industrial sites as it is capable of accepting large feed material sizes with its large blade face.

  • SC3000

    With its low profile packing blade and high compaction force, the SC3000 waste compactor achieves high bin payloads to minimise the number of bin transfers you require.

  • SC3500

    Designed for larger industrial sites producing extra-large waste material like boxes, crates & furniture items or packaging, our SC3500 industrial waste compactor is capable of dealing with the toughest applications.

  • Single Auger Compactor

    For continuous loading and for sites with a tight footprint, our Single Auger Compactor is a great solution. This machine packs fantastic bin weights in cardboard applications. It is suitable for use in various waste streams.

  • Twin Auger Compactor

    Our high-force Twin Auger Compactor is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications such as the disposal of timber pallets.

Integrated Compactors

  • RP30

    Designed for general waste applications where material spillage needs to be avoided, the RP30 Integrated Compactor eliminates site contamination issues and is popular in sites like shopping centres, hospitals etc.

  • RPW30 Compactor

    The Mobile Pack Bin is a swing-blade compactor pressing in a "pendulum" compaction method. This compaction method makes it ideal for waste streams with a high liquid content.

  • SC11M

    An integrated version of our stationary SC11 Compactor, the SC11M is popular for the disposal of general waste products in facilities such as hospitals and schools.

Transfer Compactors

  • TP3500SR

    Our TP3500SR Transfer Station compactor is the mainstay of numerous transfer stations - suitable for feeding of waste materials in public drop-off facilities and large transfer stations.

  • TP3500HR

    Transfer stations with high-volume peak periods and needing to pack maximum bin weights need look no further than the TP3500HR compactor with its fast compaction cycles and high compaction force.

  • TP4500

    The largest in our range of stationary compactors, the TP4500 can be used in conjunction with bins or transfer trailers. Designed for high-throughput transfer stations and MRFs, the massive feeding apertures of this compactor will accept the bulkiest waste materials.

Roll Packers

  • RP7700

    Meet the Roll Packer - our favourite solution for the compaction of bulky waste like timber pallets & crates. Designed for compaction inside open-top skip bins, this machine is extremely user-friendly and is very economical to operate.

  • RPV7700

    The RP7700V Roll packer is suitable for large industrial sites where multiple bins need to be compacted. Traversing on a rail length, this Roller Packer can be configured for use on up to 10 bins in parallel.

  • RPM7700

    The Mobile Roll Packer is commonly used in saw-tooth transfer stations to achieve high bin weights, this unit is self-propelled and can even be used for the moving of skip bins on site.

Roto Compactors

  • PS1400 Roto Baler

    A highly-automated baler, the PS1400 Roto Baler has a rotating compaction head which rolls and crushes dry waste products inside a plastic bale bag on a pallet. With its automatic compaction cycles, this machine is extremely efficient to operate - very popular with retail stores as it requires minimal labour to operate.

  • APS1100 Roto Compactor

    Suitable for compaction of a wide range of waste materials including general waste, the APS1100 Roto Compactor achieves high compaction rates of up to 10:1 - compacting inside an 1100L wheelie bin.

Waste Presses

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    Waste Compactors

    • Holding Australia’s widest range of waste compactors, Waste Initiatives is sure to have industrial trash compaction solutions to minimise your contribution to public landfills.Our waste compactors range in size from units that size-reduce waste or rubbish in bags and wheelie bins, large hook-lift compactors commonly used in shopping centres and manufacturing facilities right through to high-throughput waste transfer compactors for large amounts of refuge.

      The benefits of waste compaction

      There are many benefits to introducing an industrial trash compactor as part of your business’s waste management. Waste compaction is the process of compacting waste material and reducing it into smaller manageable sizes for more efficient waste disposal. Generally speaking, the higher the compaction rate, the more efficient landfill can receive and store, and minimise dumpster pickup frequency.

      An industrial trash compactor can be a lucrative investment for businesses. Trash compactors are a reliable and effective method of targeting high waste costs and reducing the number of bin empties required for high-volume waste generators. Waste compactors, therefore, are able to free up valuable space and stabilise the volume of landfills, minimise the human resources required to manage waste and divert recyclables from dumpster sites- all of which contributes to a more sustainable environment. When businesses make the decision to move forward with a trash compactor, they not only see savings of the space used within their waste collectors, but minimise unnecessary labour costs, improve the hygiene of their premises and gradually lower their carbon footprint with lesser pickup rates.

    • Tough material or a high volume of waste? Challenge us with your rental application. Contact us today for a free consultation on how our rental waste compactors can improve your waste management process and save you money.

      The mechanics of Waste Compactors

      While our extensive range of rental trash compactors vary in size and waste output, the internal mechanisms are more or less the same.

      The majority of industrial waste compactors machines will feature a large internal metal ram that is strong enough to compress loose trash downwards. Operators will load a compactor with any applicable waste material, start the repetitive ‘ram process’. Consequently, the metal ram will then crush all the waste into smaller, highly compact pieces so they can later be transported and destroyed more efficiently. Waste compactors vary in size and ability with certain machines will handle different materials, and require different loading techniques. At Waste Initiatives, we offer clients various stationary and transportable rental compactors for their business that can be tailored specifically to their onsite requirements, and handling and loading expectations.

      Contact us to enquire about a particular trash compactor.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a compactor?

    Industrial compactors are machines that compact materials to reduce the volume of waste. But this term is also used to describe any type of machinery with this function, from trash compactors to large and heavy machinery vehicles used to compact the soil in a construction site.

    Here at Waste Initiatives, when we’re talking about compactors, we’re talking about machines that help deal with waste.

    The main function of this type of waste management machine is driven by a large ‘ram’ that crushes rubbish or recycling materials. This motion is often powered through electricity or a liquid pump system called hydraulics (which would make this a hydraulic ram). To operate, fill through the aperture and then switch on to crush.

    Only authorised staff who have received training should use a waste compactor, to reduce the risk of danger or injury. Never place your limbs within the machine to dislodge materials in the compacting machine.

    For dry waste: select Stationary or Integrated Compactors

    These machines are suitable for dry waste, where there is either no or only a marginal amount of liquid involved. This is as they only have a limited capacity to hold any liquid waste. They can also come in automatic models, for easy operation that requires less employee training.

    For site contamination concerns & liquid waste: select Integrated Compactors

    Integrated compactors are suited for general waste where liquid and spills are unavoidable or wet waste, with facilities to store and process liquids. This makes them ideal for eliminating contamination on the site.

    For transfer stations: select Transfer Compactors

    Designed to deal with bulky materials and high volume period waste expected in transfer stations.

    For skip bins: select Roll Packers

    Roll packers use a rolling function to crush bulky waste materials such as timber pallets and crates within an open skip waste bin.

    For retail stores: select Roto Compactors or Vertical Balers

    Roto compacting machines make it easier to compact cardboard boxes frequently used for store deliveries, with an opening at shoulder height. Staff can also continue to fill while dry waste is crushed as the compacting arm rotates.

    For expanding your bin capacity: select Waste presses

    These compacting machines speedily press waste within a garbage bin or over a garbage bag. A great solution for those who want to make the most of their bins/waste removal capacity.

    If you still require more assistance, feel free to read the product descriptions of our product listed, download a brochure or contact our friendly and professional staff for help.

    Use them for compacting and reducing the size of materials, and they will help your company better store and remove more waste. In construction, industrial compacting machinery is used for the purpose of increasing the density and solidity of soil and biomass to get out the air pockets and prime the ground to support heavyweight.

    Commercial compactors generally start at $6,700 + GST and go upwards depending on the type you go for. We offer multiple finance and rental options to help make commercial trash compactors more affordable or profitable for more businesses, to help our clients the best value for money for what they pay for their waste compactor.

    With over 45 years in the industry, our team are the experts when it comes to waste and refuse processing machinery. We have reliable machinery equipment for every type of waste compacting application and offer flexible financing options to give our esteemed clients the best value for money while attaining these machines for their worksite.