4×4 Concepts
Albury NSW

Highly recommend Waste Initiatives. We are on our second granulator from them, and it’s a beast. After-sales service is awesome with Jason. He needs a raise putting up with me.

Adrian Keighran | Business Owner


4×4 Concepts, based in Albury NSW, manufacture custom-designed vehicle accessories that contain high volumes of (ABS) plastic parts. To avoid trim waste going to landfill and reducing waste disposal costs, Adrian Keighran contacted Waste Initiatives to find alternative recycling solutions.


Adrian realised that by buying his own recycling plant, he could also offer to process products from other industries, including councils in the surrounding areas.


His challenge was processing ABS offcuts up to one meter in size down to fine flakes, and if large pieces of plastic had to go straight into a granulator, it would cause heating issues.


Waste Initiatives suggested a versatile shredding system with a single shaft shredder that shreds plastic materials into 30mm chips. It then feeds into a granulator and blower system for an output of 8mm granular flakes.


With the help of EPA funding and support from Waste Initiatives, Adrian could build a sound business case, and the project was able to commence.


This system can process high volumes of ABS and HDPE plastics. It can be used in multiple configurations to produce various outcomes of shredded chips or granular flakes that can be sold to recyclers for further processing.