Compass Pools
Tomago NSW

We purchased a Wastepac Hydraulic Drum Crusher in October 2017. This has proven to be a wonderful piece of machinery. Simple to use, safe and trouble free it has solved our ongoing problem of 210 Litre drum disposal issues. We have engaged Waste Initiatives to service the machine on an annual basis with no inconvenience at all. I highly recommend Waste Initiatives and the Drum Crusher they manufacture as it is now a critical piece of equipment in our daily operations.

Michael Townsend | Stores and Purchasing Coordinator


Over the last 40 years Compass Pools have developed an international reputation for being leaders in the fibreglass in-ground pool market. With a penchant for pushing boundaries, their team has managed to completely redefine the limits of fibreglass pools.

As their business grew, so did the issue of disposing of their 44 gallon drums. The drums were taking up space and the rising amount of waste pickups was causing high disposal costs.

Compass Pools contacted Waste Initiatives for options on waste recycling equipment that would best suit their requirements.


Waste Initiatives recommended the WastePac Drum Crusher which is a robust built unit with great functionality and high compaction force ratio for easy crushing of steel drums.

With a fully enclosed compaction chamber this machine ensures maximum level of safety for the operator.

The crushed drums saved on space resulting in minimising the amount of pickups required and is a valuable and cost saving asset to the business.