McKeno Blocks and Pavers
Broome WA

At full production we can shred and granulate up to 60 car tyres per hour to produce 8mm rubber crumb.

Joe Giancono | Business Owner


McKeno Blocks and Pavers, based in Broome, WA, has a patented system that includes rubber crumb in their blocks and pavers. They needed a tyre recycling system to fit their output requirements and budget.

Owen from Waste Initiatives investigated and trialled the product through a four-shaft shredder leading into a granulator with a heavy-duty ladder rotor to produce the minus 8mm particles required by Mckeno Blocks and Pavers. He reasoned that if the granulator had the rotating cutters set at least 3mm from the static cutters, the rubber would tend to strip away from the metal rather than cut through, reducing cutter wear. In addition, the over belt magnet would be suitable for removing the ferrous metal, which is liberated by the shredding and granulating action.


After finalising the design of the recycling system, McKeno Blocks and Pavers was ready to order, and installation commenced several months later by the Waste Initiatives team.

Joe from McKeno Blocks and Pavers confirmed that the system met their expectation by processing up to 60 car tyres per hour at full production. They now realise that the system’s productivity will produce much more crumbed rubber than they can utilise and will pursue alternative markets.

With the lack of other shredding facilities in their remote location, they can utilise the versatility of the two primary machines to perform other tasks such as shredding paper, plastics, timber, etc.