Saputo – Warrnambool Cheese & Butter


Producing high quality dairy products for global markets, Saputo need to ensure their equipment is operating in peak performance 24/7. When they noticed a horizontal baler showing signs of corrosion, they approached Waste Initiatives for a solution.

The baler sat for many years in direct contact with the ground in an area that was washed down often. The environment needed to be clean and sterile however as the baler began to rust and corrode there were understandably hygiene concerns.

They required a one to one replacement solution of the old baler with a way to avoid corrosion in the future.


Saputo could not risk considerable downtime. Waste Initiatives were committed to keeping plant shutdown to an absolute minimum and chose to install during their usual Christmas closure period. It was therefore critical the replacement baler could be modified and set up quickly and that the automatic feeders aligned with precision.

Waste Initiatives were able to manufacture a custom designed unit to replace the existing baler in the same location. Whilst the new CB40HZ baler can withstand all weather conditions, it was raised by 150mm to allow for easy cleaning and water run-off around the base to avoid corrosion. As the new baler produces a higher density bale, it is more operationally efficient, and reduces labour times and forklift movements across the site.

COVID lockdowns and restrictions resulted in the onsite installation being delayed multiple times. Through professional client relationship management, project expectations, site shutdown schedules and training opportunities were delivered to the clients’ full satisfaction.