Cardboard Cores

Used primarily as packing tubes, cardboard cores often become waste for businesses who’ve
received them by mail, as they rarely are needed to be used again.

Cardboard cores pose a disposal challenge in industries like printing, textiles, and food due to their bulky nature. This results in them being sent to landfills or becoming general waste. Waste Initiatives has partnered with Australian manufacturers to provide solutions for this issue. We can assess your needs and suggest either a compacting option for medium volumes (100-600kg/week) or shredding and compacting for high volumes (above 600kg). Working with us will give you a sustainable and cost-effective solution to your cardboard core disposal needs.

Cardboard Rolls

Dealing with Medium Volumes of Cardboard Cores

The costs for businesses to dispose these cores can also be
significant and take time as they need to be broken down first.
That’s why Waste Initiative’s Bergmann – PS1400 Roto Baler is the
perfect solution. It efficiently tears and compacts the cores in one
step, with a rotating compaction head which rolls and crushes
cardboard cores and cardboard boxes inside a plastic bale bag on a

On the other hand for large amounts of cardboard, the APS1100
Roto Compactor is best and empties broken down material within a
1100L wheelie bin.


Dealing with High Volumes of Cardboard Cores


Prima Print, a leading print company in Australia, recycles 435
tonnes of paper annually. They were incurring costs from disposing
a large volume of cardboard cores into waste and landfill. To gain
control over their equipment and avoid a
long-term contract with a recycling contractor, Prima Print sought a
turnkey solution that would eliminate their pain points and include
comprehensive after-sales support.


Waste Initiatives recommended a shredder and compactor package
to address Prima Print’s high-volume cardboard core disposal issue.
The shredder has engineered cutter hooks and a hopper customised
for long cardboard cores. The shredded cores, along with paper and
cardboard offcuts, are loaded into a stationary compactor with a
heavy-duty bin lifter and compactor bin, ready for recycling. The
smart control panel provides real-time SMS and email
reporting for collection dates, reducing bin
collections. With full ownership, Prima can secure better rebates for
cardboard and paper from their recycler and switch recyclers quickly
without waiting for new equipment.

Contact us today and one of our waste specialists will assess your
own situation.

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