Eddy current separators are designed to automatically separate and sort non-ferrous metals such as aluminium cans from a mixed materials waste stream. The separators work by utilizing a system of rare earth magnets. These magnets rotate at a high rate of speed to create what is called an “Eddy Field”. This field pushes non-ferrous metals away from the other items in the waste stream, making it very easy to separate them out.
The system can also be used to separate out the ferrous metals by functioning as a magnetic separator. This pulls the metals out under the eddy head and deposits them into a receiving hopper. Green Machine’s® eddy current separators are designed to be very durable and to withstand the many different applications and uses found in the recycling industry. They can be customized with a wide variety of different belt widths, and various magnetic strengths are also available. This allows us to tailor the system to virtually any need.