Support & Service

Waste Initiatives’ service network of expert hydraulic and electrical engineers allows us to consistently deliver outstanding support to our clients’ systems and equipment nationwide. Often, our equipment is used in 24/7 production operations and high-throughput recycling facilities. We understand how crucial it is to have fast response times – our service team is ready to support you at all times!

Our Support Services

We have established a reputation for ourselves with our ability to service over 96% of Australia in the 40 years we’ve worked in the waste management industry. See what we can do for you with our comprehensive system of support services.

Our Service Network

With our national service network covering in excess of 96% of Australia’s population, our service coordinators are able to provide outstanding response times to ensure minimal downtime of your waste & recycling equipment in the event of breakdowns.

Our service reach ensures we are able to maintain our equipment for optimum long-term performance regardless of location.  We are constantly developing our service capabilities to cater for an ever-expanding customer base and the increased demand for after-hours servicing.

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