Manufacturing in Australia creates substantial amounts of mixed recyclable materials from a range of waste streams. The good news is that steel, cardboard and plastic can be recovered and recycled for other uses. A challenge manufacturers experience is separating the recyclable material to be baled or compacted for a recycler’s use. As a result, many manufacturers are wasting valuable products which could generate a substantial revenue stream for them.

To make profitable returns out of recyclable materials, manufacturers use balers, shredders, granulators, compactors and crushers from Waste Initiative to collect, dispose and recycle waste.


Related Equipment

  • Vertical balers – save space, time & disposal costs
  • Horizontal paper balers – maximise commodity value & produce high-density bales for transport efficiency
  • Shredders – product destruction & size reduction
  • Plastic granulators – reduce waste product into reusable plastic
  • Stationary compactors – for large cardboard sheets & boxes
  • Drum crushers – for volume reduction of 20 to 205L drums
  • Glass crushers – reduce volume of bottles & glass containers in recyclable waste

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