Mining & Resources

Mine sites are often established in regional, remote or even offshore locations and generate a large volume of waste material.

With considerable scrutiny from environmental authorities, correct disposal of waste generated from site is essential. With the implementation of best-practice waste reduction technologies, there is also the added benefit of reducing disposal costs and potential revenue from recyclable waste streams.

Waste Initiatives is often called on for supply of drum crushers, shredders and balers for the processing of waste from the mining & resources industry.


Related Equipment

  • Drum Crushers – for volume reduction of 20L to 205L drums
  • Shredders – pre-sizing material for sorting & resource recovery
  • Vertical Balers – optimise commodity value & reduce transport costs
  • Compactors – for high-volume waste producers
  • Horizontal Balers – maximise commodity value & produce high-density bales for efficient transportation

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