E-Waste disposal will continue to be an expanding market as technology becomes more pivotal to day-to-day affairs worldwide. Electronics can contain various valuable materials like gold, silver, platinum and base metals like copper, iron and aluminium which are all recoverable. E-Waste that isn’t properly disposed of can expose private secure information so it is vital we put an emphasis on confidentiality with our management of this waste.

Waste Initiatives provides you a range of balers, shredders, granulators, conveyors, trommels and screens to facilitate the most profitable and efficient recovering of E-Waste recyclable parts.


Related Equipment

  • Plastic balers – optimise commodity value & reduce transport costs
  • E-Waste shredders – pre-sizing material for sorting & resource recovery
  • Infeed conveyors & picking lines – sort valuable recyclables
  • Trommels & star screens – separation of fines & recyclable waste streams in sorting facilities

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