Glass is a common waste for both households and industries due to its many benefits as a product container and construction material. Most users benefit from its transparency and reliability. Businesses who produce bottles in particular, use the material for its more inert qualities, as drinking from a glass to most people tastes better and is a more enjoyable experience other product storers like cans. Although glass can become an overwhelming and potentially hazardous waste when shattered into large and small shards, the material is infinitely recyclable.

Waste Initiatives provides a range of solutions that crush or pulverise glass waste. Entry level glass crushers are a suitable choice of machinery for business like restaurants and hotel groups, who need to compact large amounts of glass that they are unable to store in bins as full-sized bottles. Pulverising systems on the other-hand are used by enterprises which produce much more glass waste. Mid level pulverising systems provide a complete solution and process up to 1.5 cubic meters of glass per hour, converting the waste into a finely ground aggregate and sand mix. This new material is profitable for businesses to offload, as it can be repurposed into new products, constructions materials, or other for uses, like art.


Related Equipment

  • Glass crushers – turn glass into aggregate or sand
  • Infeed conveyors & picking lines – sort waste lines
  • Trommels – separation of fines & non-glass particles in sorting facilities

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