Tyres are a challenging waste product as their large volume, durability and internal void take up valuable landfill space quickly. New technologies like pyrolysis and de-vulcanisation mean tyres can now be recycled to become tyre-derived fuels, new rubber products, playground surfaces, new tyres and rubber-modified asphalt.

Waste Initiatives offers a range of shredders, conveyors and balers to help you recycle tyres in a resourceful manner.


Related Equipment

  • Heavy-duty balers – optimise commodity value & reduce transport costs
  • Tyre-shredders – pre-sizing of material for sorting & resource recovery
  • Infeed conveyors & picking lines – sort waste streams

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    Note: We only supply tyre recycling equipment and unfortunately don’t process or collect car or truck tyres.

    To get tyres collected near you please visit recyclingnearyou.com.au